·         All staff and campers (regardless of vaccination status) will need a negative COVID-19 test prior to camp by either PCR or Antigen method.

1.    PCR test within 5 days of arrival (August 9 or later).

2.    Rapid Antigen test within 3 days of arrival (August 11 or later).

·         Verification of negative test at check-in by either of these methods:

1.    Copy or picture of the test center results.

2.    Picture of negative home-test with person’s name and date taken or time stamped.

·         Testing information can be found at: https://www.maine.gov/covid19/testing

·         All staff and campers must also be COVID symptom-free upon arrival.

·         Masks will not be required (except in the medical center).

·         To create and maintain a COVID-free “bubble”, we will once again be limiting visitors and travel in & out of camp.

Check In

Sunday, August 14, 2022  at Camp Vega (please do not arrive prior to check-in time)

Check Out

Friday, August 19, 2022


Transportation is not provided.  Parents/Guardians will need to provide their own transportation to and from Camp Vega.


Pricing for the 2022 Season:

  • Camper Registration Fee is $325 total.
    • Non-refundable Registration Deposit of $225 due with Application.
    • Remaining balance of $100 is due upon arrival.

What to Bring

  • Warm clothing and jacket
  • Sneakers and shoes
  • Underwear and night clothes
  • Modest bathing suits (two preferred)
  • Pillow, sheets, and blankets OR Sleeping bag
  • Bath/hand towels
  • Beach towel
  • Wash cloths
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Toiletries
  • Tissues
  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Flashlight

Camp Rules

  • Campers who attend Camp 207 are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct outlined below. Disciplinary action for violating camp rules may include parental involvement, loss of privileges and/or immediate dismissal from camp. Any infraction of the Code of Conduct may prevent a camper from returning to camp in the future.It is expected that campers will:
    1. Respect the rights and property of others including the Camp property and facilities.
    2. Engage in behavior free from both physical and verbal violence or aggression, or any form of bullying. This includes demonstrating courtesy and respect for all other campers and staff by refraining from using inappropriate or discriminatory language (racist or otherwise).
    3. Provide medical staff with all prescribed medications at the time of arrival to be administered by approved personnel only.
    4. Abide by established curfews. Campers must not be outside of their cabin after curfew on any night of camp.
    5. Attend all activities for which they are registered and adhere to the daily camp schedule unless excused by the Director or medical staff.
    6. Stay on site for the entirety of the camp week unless written approval from parents and/or the Director or medical staff has been provided.
    7. Bring and wear clothing that is appropriate for the camp setting. Shorts should be an adequate length and shirts should be long enough to meet the tops of shorts. Clothing should cover all undergarments. Clothing should not depict alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, drugs, or lewd, vulgar, racist, indecent or sexually suggestive subjects. Clothing for water sports should include swimming trunks for males and one-piece or tankini swimsuits for females.


    It is expected that campers will NOT:
    1. Possess and/or consume in any manner or be in the presence of someone possessing or consuming legal drugs, illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages.
    2. Possess and/or consume or be in the presence of someone possessing or consuming tobacco products of any kind. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapes, snuff, chew, or any other tobacco-related product.
    3. Possess or use fire, candles, mosquito coils or fireworks of any kind anywhere.
    4. Possess a knife or any kind of other sharp/dangerous tool or weapon, real or fake.
    5. Possess an electronic device of any kind including cell phones, tablets, and smart-watches.
    6. Tamper with any safety devices including fire alarms, fire extinguishers and/or fire buckets.
    7. Enter any cabin that is not their own without permission. At no point will permission be given for male campers to enter female cabins or female campers to enter male cabins.
    8. Enter any Camp Vega space that has not been identified as appropriate for Camp 207 attendees. This includes (but is not limited to) the kitchen and staff quarters.